Surface no.
Surface status and how-to- process
Products by hot-rolling, annealing and pickling or those having finished similar treatments
Industrial tanks, chemical tanks
industrial facility materials
building structure materials
Products by cold-rolling using hardness in forming to have high hardness
High hardness products
materials for spring
knifes and rolling stocks
Products by cold-rolling, heat treatments and annealing and picking or those having finished similar treatments(with good deep drawing)
General appliance for construction,
petrochemical plants and auto parts
Products made through refined rolling of 2D to get higher brightness, flatness and improved mechanical properties compared with 2D (cold rolled products)
Typical cold-rolled products for general appliance
According to KS L 6001, Products grinded with abraser of 100~120Mesh have graceful brightness
Interior and exterior decoration for construction, kitchen utensils and exterior for elevator home appliance
Products grinded with abraser of 150~180Mesh, have more graceful silver gray surface than No.3
Construction, kitchen utensils,
bath-tub, medical appliance,
food-processing facilities
Products made by cold rolling, bright annealing and skinpass, have highly reflexibility & luster Auto parts, home appliance,
kitchen utensils, building materials,
ornamentation, small-sized mirror,
Products have continuous abrasive pattern acquired by polishing on No.4 with an abraser of appropriate density. Building exterior and interior including sash, door, panel
Products obtained by abraser of over 800Mesh to have considerable brightness and reflection.
construction, mirror, decoration
Products obtained by abraser of over 1000 Mesh have the highest brightness, reflection and no polishing marks. (drymetallurgy)
construction, mirror, decoration