ROTARY SHEAR LINE is the facility that produces customer's required length of CR STS sheet from loaded coils. It is composed of an UNCOILER that uncoils strips, a ROTARY SHEAR that cuts the loaded coils with the required length and a PILER that loads steel sheets.

THREE BENDING ROOL is a kind of equipment that spreads the uncoiled strips and send them to UNCOILER whiling recoiling.
SIDE TRIMMER makes it possible to realize clean edges with continuous trimming as per customer's required width.
HEAVY LEVELLER WITH PINCH ROLL with upper and lower correction rolls is a facility that produce high quality product by adjusting the flatness of 1.0mm~3.0mm plates.
Upper 9 work rolls and lower 10 work rolls. Which are supported by intermediate rolls and back-up rolls make it possible to control best flatness of sheets.
sheets. Each upper and lower 3 correction rolls make it possible to control obtaining highly flattened sheet.
VINYL, PAPER COATER is a kind of equipment coating the sheets with vinyl and papers to protect strip surface from possible scratch on surface.
ROTARY SHEAR is a kind of equipment cutting the loaded coils on customer's required length with continuous up-and-down and back-and-forth moving knife linked to crank shaft. Maximum cutting capacity is 100 cut/min.
2 PILERS make it possible fast and convenient piling and piled STS””SHEETs are shorted and easily piled by hydraulic operated SIDE STAMPER.
AUTO PROGRAM installed TOUCH PANEL makes it possible to set precise working length.

thickness (mm)
square tolerance
weight per unit production
20tons 25,000ton/year